It has been around 90 degrees F here for most of the past two weeks.  Simultaneously, it has been dry and windy, and most of the weeds are releasing pollen, so these are optimal conditions for pollen that gets blown around to hang in the air forever.

I woke up this morning with such bad allergy congestion, sore throat, and sinus pain that I feel like I have a severe head cold, and my eyes are almost swollen shut and won’t stop watering.  I still feel like this TWO HOURS AFTER a sinus rinse, a prescription dose of Zyrtec (so twice the OTC dose), a dose of Flonase, a 12-hour Sudafed, two acetaminophen, and four ibuprofen.  I haven’t even been outside yet today.

Fortunately I have no appointments on campus today so I said screw it and am staying home and now I’m going to go lie down and rest my puffy, puffy eyes.

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Aaaaaaaaaa asako as anything yesss. I’m going to be playing CAH on the 3rd with the Caesar fandom, but I’ll see if I can make it (it’d be 9 eastern right?)

Yeah, 9pm Eastern.  (Time zones are the bane of my existence.  -_-  Mountain Time is possibly THE LEAST convenient time zone ever.)  I can definitely reschedule it for the 10th, if that would work better!  I just arbitrarily set it for the 3rd a couple of weeks ago and have been meaning to post about it for awhile now, so I can be flexible.  Let me know!  

Okay so I said I would do this a couple weeks ago but I am a terrible person so I’m only just now getting around to it.  Sorry!  -_-

If anyone is interested (say, evil-bones-mccoy and bizarro-sai, perhaps), I’m planning to do a livestream of Takarazuka’s Great Gatsby (Moon 2008, with Asako as Gatsby, Ai-chan as Daisy, and Ahi as Nick) next Friday, October 3rd, probably starting around 7pm Mountain Time, although I totally get that Mountain Time is really inconvenient for people on the East Coast so I’m amenable to changing that if necessary!

Just as an FYI, the show is about two and a half hours long, so if need be we could break it up into two sessions (first act and second act).

I also just got the Moon 2009 Elisabeth box set yesterday (!!!) from ptitfleur (THANK YOU!! :D ) and am planning to livestream that sometime in the near future as well!  (Asako as Der Tod, Kiriyan as Franz-Joseph, and Ahi as Rudolf?  YES PLEASE)

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Maybe you should rest without telling her you’re sick? D:

Yeah, I’ll probably start doing that in the future.  I have to run color vision tests on my advisor this afternoon, but I’m going home after that and will probably lie down until bird time.  I don’t really even feel that bad in terms of cold symptoms like congestion or sore throat or low-grade fever or anything, but my head is killing me, and I already took four ibuprofen.  Stupid sinuses.  -_-

Fortunately I don’t have anything to do on campus tomorrow, so I’ll probably just end up staying home and working on my dissertation proposal while consuming lots of tea.  (I bought ginger tea and genmaicha yesterday when I realized I was getting sick and will probalby drink all of it in the next couple days, lol.)

As it turns out, it’s not allergies I have, but a cold.  -_-  My least favorite thing about getting colds (aside from them turning into sinus infections) is that as soon as I mention to Sarah that I think I’m getting a cold, she goes, “OH YEAH ME TOO” and then doesn’t “feel well enough” to help me out with stuff around the house, so although I’m sick I’m still responsible for feeding all the animals, feeding/socializing the birds, cleaning up the kitchen/after the birds, putting the birds to bed, biking to the store when we run out of stuff, etc.  Most of the time, she never actually ends up developing a cold, so I’ve been doing all this work while sick for no reason.  -_-

I honestly don’t think she does it on purpose; I think it’s psychosomatic, but still, it’s annoying that I can’t take some time to get extra sleep/rest when I have a splitting sinus headache because she THINKS she MIGHT be getting a cold that never actually materializes.

I have a very specific craving to go sit in a park and read A. S. Byatt novels, but 1) I have work to do for my dissertation, 2) the weather is decidedly NOT autumnal (it’s supposed to be almost 90 degrees F today), and 3) my head feels like it’s going to explode from allergies (this is likely related to item 2).





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I just sent each of you an ask, please let me know if it doesn’t go through! I think tumblr has been eating asks left right and centre :/

Sorry ptitfleur I never got any response from you! I sent you two messages and the second one had my email address in it if that’s easier for you. I also just sent another Ask with my email in it to see if that would help.

Ah I’m so sorry it seems like tumblr isn’t letting me send or receive any asks at all! :/ If you could drop me a line at this address that’d be great!

I just emailed you at that address.  Sorry this is has been so complicated!